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Published on November 8th, 2011 | by Seán Ward


2012 Nissan GTR

Nissan has unveiled the 2012 GTR, featuring a number of improvements over the outgoing model.

The first improvements is to the engine, something which was already pretty spritely; by improving the engines efficiency, power has been increased by 20 bhp to 550 bhp, and torque by 20 Nm to 632 Nm.

Fuel efficiency has been increased as well, with the new car capable of getting 24 mpg, an increase of 0.5 mpg.

Although there have been no real changes to the actual bodywork, the suspension has been stiffened asymmetrically to improve shortfalls seen in the old car, the chassis has been stiffened, and the interior has been modified, and now comes with ambient blue lighting.

Details of a more track focused GTR, the MY2012 GTR, will be released in December.


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