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Published on February 1st, 2011 | by Seán Ward


A Six-Wheeled Super Car

Yes, the first six-wheeled super car, with a 400 bhp engine and a top speed of over 180 mph, is here, and it’s hardly a minger.

The CW6, created by Covini Engineering, has a 4.2 litre 32 valve V8 engine that develops around 420 bhp as well as 470 Nm of torque, and has a claimed top speed of 185 mph.

According to Covini, the CW6 ’is pointed in the direction of new research into active and passive safety’, but the 6 wheels also ‘permit an improvement in braking, comfort and directional stability’.

Although the car is still a prototype, it is very much a working car. However, Covini have not announced any plans to put it into production.

But, if you’re ever in the market for a 6-wheeled supercar that could make even a Ferrari look dull and dreary, the CW6 is your first port of call.

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