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New Motoring is a growing enthusiast site that looks at every car with an enthusiast eye, from a Vauxhall Corsa to a McLaren 720S. A car is more than just a box on wheels for us, and we want to showcase their personality!

We publish news, reviews, and a number of other features, and release a weekly ‘With Cars’ video every Sunday morning. All our photos are unique to us, too.

If you have any questions, or think we could do something better, please contact us.

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Who’s Who?

Seán Ward, Editor: Founded the site in 2011, still writing and snapping come rain or shine. Lives in Winchester, UK.

Sam Jones, Video Assistant: Sam helps when we’re out and about filming a car because he’s the one who enjoys putting himself about an inch away from a car doing 60mph…

Andrew Brown, Photographer: Andrew has been working near to NewMotoring since it’s foundation, and was integral to its formation. All round nice guy, he photographs cars, people and sometimes landscapes. But mostly cars. Andrew lives in Surrey, UK.

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