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Published on January 29th, 2014 | by Seán Ward


Ace Café 2014 – Dates for your Diary

The Ace Café in London is known as one of the central hubs for the enthusiast community, and with a New Year come a number of new events.

A few events that look particularly good are the VXR Meet on 1st February, the Mustang 50th Anniversary Meet on 21st April, the Aston Martin Meet on the 24th May, Audi UR Quattro Night on the 26th May, Capri Club Meet on the 2nd August, and the Bentley Meet on the 14th September.

Bring your car, have a burger.

  • 1st February, 11am – Vauxhall VXR Car Meet
  • 3rd February, 6pm – German Bikes ‘n’ Cars – Meet for BMW and Mercedes, and a few others
  • 5th February, 6pm – Hot Rod Night
  • 11th February, 6pm – Classic Car Night + Lotus 7 + Midget & Sprite Club
  • 13th February, 6pm – Italian Bikes ‘n’ Cars
  • 19th February, 6pm – TVR, Lotus, Ginetta, Noble and Marcos
  • 24th February, 6pm – Porsche Night
  • 13th February, 6pm – Italian Bikes ‘n’ Cars
  • 15th February, 6pm – Bimmer Boys UK Car Meet
  • 17th March, 6pm – French Classic and Performance Car Night
  • 22nd March, 11am – Mini GP UK Owners Club Meet
  • 25th March, 6pm – Volkswagen Automotive Group Meet
  • 29th March, 4pm – American Muscle Cruise In
  • 30th March, 6pm – Stance Daily Car Meet
  • 31st March, 6pm – Porsche Night
  • 21st April, 12pm – Mustang 50th Anniversary Stampede
  • 29th April, 4pm – Volkswagen Automotive Group Meet
  • 3rd May, 6pm – Passion Ford Meet
  • 5th May, 6pm – Jaguar Special Meet
  • 10th May, 11am – BMW Day
  • 17th May, 11am – Italian Car Day
  • 22nd May, 6pm – Bristol, AC & Fraser Nash Owners Clubs
  • 24th May, 11am – Aston Martin Meet
  • 24th May, 6pm – Morgan and Marcos Meet
  • 26th May, 6pm – Audi UR Quattro Meet
  • 27th May, 6pm – Volkswagen Automotive Group Meet
  • 7th June, 11am – Triumph Car Day
  • 7th June, 6pm – Toyota MR2 Owners Club Meet
  • 14th June, 11am – Mini Moke 50th Anniversary Meet
  • 18th June, 6pm – TVR, Lotus, Ginetta, Noble and Marcos
  • 19th July, 6pm – Celica GT4 Owners Club Meet
  • 22nd July, 6pm – Vauxhall and Opel Meet Special
  • 2nd August, 11am – Capri Club Meet
  • 9th August, 11am – Jenson Owners Club
  • 30th August, 6pm – Corvette Special
  • 6th September, 11am – Kit Car Special
  • 14th September, 11am – Bentley Meet
  • 20th September, 11am – Nissan Z Car Meet
  • 22nd September, 6pm – Honda Special
  • 23rd September, 6pm – Toyota Special
  • 4th October, 11am – Outlaw Jap Club Meet

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