Millions of people around the world love cars whether they’re young or old, or interested in Fords or Ferraris, so enthusiast motoring should be about every car, not just the halos.

Growing monthly, newmotoring currently attracts 30,000 people per month.

Detailed below are some of the options below, but please get in touch to discuss ideas.

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“The process is good and fast, and the ads work well. The site is always updated, the prices competitive so I would definitely recommend them”

Karol Martin, working with Sky F1, Wheeler Dealers, Jeep, and Toyota

What can we offer? offers a number of options for advertisers, and we will be happy to speak to anyone interested in these options. And if you’ve got a good advertising idea, we haven’t mentioned speak to us anyway – we’d be happy to talk!

 Direct Advertising – space can be provided on the right hand side of the site for a day, week or month (sizes range from 150×150 px, 200×200 px, 150×300 px, 200×400 px, 150×450, or 200×600. Other sizes can be arranged by request).

Sponsored Posts – You can choose to sponsor posts, which provides a link to your site at the bottom of a post (e.g. “This post is sponsored by”).

Paid Distribution – Paid distribution is where a blog post on newmotoring links directly back to your news story or photo.

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