Ford’s 2012 Medium Range


Two super-star cars really stand out in the Ford 2012 medium range, the Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo.  This generation of cars have Ford ECOnetic Technology which means the vehicles have better fuel economy and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Life is made a little easier with windscreen wipers that can sense when it’s raining and cars that park themselves.

The Ford Intelligent Protection system uses technology to help minimise the impact of accidents allowing the body structure to absorb the energy in an effective manner if they do happen.  The colours for both Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo are stylish and sophisticated shades like zetec and titanium.  The sleek design and bold, exciting lines give the impression of energy in motion.

The Ford Focus and Mondeo are technologically advanced and have sophisticated safety features, performing brilliantly well on the road.  The interior mod-cons are well-appointed and comfortable making for an overall enjoyable journey.   The 2012 Ford medium range cars have great fuel economy, so they are very suitable as all-rounder vehicles for families, or for buzzing around town.

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