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Published on October 11th, 2011 | by Seán Ward


Britain’s First Hydrogen Fuel Station

The first hydrogen fuel station in Britain has finally opened.

The station, in Swindon, Wiltshire, opened to signify a move forward in British motoring, was opened at Honda’s South Marston factory.

Although there are few hydrogen vehicles on the roads today, Honda believes that Hydrogen is the way forward, seeing as the only thing to come out of the exhaust is water.

Open to any motorists who have completed a BOC safety training course, the station can give hydrogen cars fuel for a further 270 miles before the need for another stop.

Robert Evans, CEO of the Centre of Excellence for Low carbon and fuel cell technologies (Cenex), speaking with Andrew English of the Telegraph, said that “This is about low carbon mobility”, and that he is looking forward to seeing more hydrogen stations in the future.

In recent years, Honda has become the main company promoting the future of hydrogen vehicles with the Clarity, and all hydrogen powered vehicle, moving away from companies like Toyota whose emphasis is on hybrid technology.

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  • Brian Johnson

    I will wait until there are enough hydrogen fuelling points to make it as easy as it is to upload good old petrol[hoping the Green Hysterics become extinct] which is not going to disappear for some time as it is [along with diesel] the best way to make one’s car move any distance. Certainly not any electric contraption that is available at present [unless you live in a town and barely leave it in a vehicle!].
    People display stupid signs like “Baby on board” so why not ” Green hysteria made me buy this”
    IMHO electric cars should only be recharged from wind or solar power outlets.

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