Published on February 13th, 2014 | by Seán Ward

CarThrottle’s YouTube Channel Has Re-Launched – Pay Attention, Car Fans

If you’re unfamiliar with the CarThrottle’s YouTube channel and its videos, you should start to pay attention as of this moment.

CarThrottle took off somewhat in 2013, and now, as part of a rebrand after a long Christmas break, their YouTube channel is coming back with more cars, more people, and more fun car facts.

So, here’s the schedule: the two formats CarThrottle were uploading last year, ‘Car Trivia’ and ‘Reviews’, will be released every Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

As well as those, two new programmes have arrived: ‘Reader’s Rides’, to be shown on a Tuesday, and ‘2 Guys, 1 Car’, to be shown on Fridays. (All videos will be released at 6pm GMT.)

Why the new format? “Over the past year, we’ve been testing lots of different content types. We think we’ve now found the perfect combination of fun, humour and information packaged into playlists to please our audience of car fans,” said Adnan Ebrahim, CarThrottle’s founder.

“We think there’s a show to suit everyone. Mostly, we think that internet video should always “be on” so we’re trying to quench the web’s thirst for more car content!”

We also asked Adnan what we have to look forward to in the future, and aside from the new YouTube videos, which Adnan says he’s “dead excited about”, “everything we do is for our fans, and on that front, we’re busy building a new platform that will improve content discovery and, most importantly, introduce a more social experience… make sure you watch this space!”

CarThrottle YouTube

CarThrottle YouTube Car Trivia

Toyota GT86 CarThrottle

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