“Man-maximum, machine minimum” – Honda

“The CR-V has always been a car for every occasion. It can be both casual and formal, but the appearance must always convey solidity and reliability” – Manabu Konaka, Exterior Designer Chief

“To develop the latest version of a model that has sold over five million examples is a big responsibility, but we have enjoyed the challenge. If you want to improve a vehicle that is already well balanced and respected, the only solution is to enhance that vehicle in every area while making it smaller, lighter and more efficient than ever before. That is what we have done with the new CR-V” – Akihiko Mori, Deputy Development Leader

“I wanted to communicate the feeling you get when you stand on top of a mountain, looking down on the valley and seeing a panorama of the landscape. It’s a feeling of freedom, space and timelessness” – Takehiro Ishibashi, Interior Design Chief

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