Changes for 2012

The three biggest changes to the 2012 Formula 1 season.

Blown Diffusers

The key to Red Bull’s domination over the last two years hasn’t all been down to the drivers, but the ‘blown diffuser’ system too.

The blown diffuser uses the exhaust gasses to blow on the lower section of the rear win and diffuser, creating more down force than a standard exhaust system.

Outlawed for this season, the change made the pre season testing very interesting – it might not be a Red Bull front row every race.

Dipped Noses

As of 2012, all cars will have to have a nose that dips to below 55mm just after the front wheels, which is why  all but to constructors have given their cars Platypus-style front ends.

According to the FIA, the reason for the strange looking machines is all in the aid of safety.

Closer Tyres

Pirelli has once again made the season more competitive and a little les predictive, with the introduction of closer tyre compounds. Like last year, the rubber still degrades quickly, but all the individual tyre compounds are now closer.

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