Ferrari Enzo FXX EDO Atlantic Ocean Crash

It seems rather appropriate that this week’s ‘How to Destroy Your Car’ is a video shot this very week at the Targa Newfoundland 2011.

Zahir Rana, of ZR Autos, had his Ferrari Enzo modified a few years ago, but more recently has tuned it to be something of a road legal Ferrari FXX.

Tuned by Edo Competition, the car is worth nearly £1,000,000, especially as, on top of the modifications from Edo, it has had the engine from an FXX put in, as well as a couple of turbos.

But, so much power was obviously going to end with a bump of some sort, and unluckily for Zahir, it happened next to a rather big puddle… The Atlantic Ocean.

Still, as he said, “It’s only a car”.

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