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Published on October 24th, 2013 | by Seán Ward


Ferrari F12 + Chris Harris = Smoking Video

Have you ever seen what an F12 can do to five sets of tires? Chris Harris explains in his latest video, ‘How to Shred Pirellis With a Ferrari: For Dummies.”

But there’s more to this video than sliding a £300k, 740 bhp Ferrari: it marks a return to the Ferrari fleet for Chris.

After Chris made it clear to the world that Ferrari’s press fleet wasn’t really a fair representation of the actual road cars customers buy (“I honestly don’t know where to start. Perhaps the 360 Modena press car that was two seconds faster to 100mph than the customer car we also tested.”), he was banned from driving any cars on the fleet. But after ‘finding’ a 458 Spider and drifting it to extremes, as well as actually buying a 599 and a 512, Ferrari seems to have decided that the ‘Harris Factor’ is just too important to ignore.

Enjoy the video.

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