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Published on February 16th, 2012 | by Seán Ward


Limited Edition Prindville Defender

Prindville has created a limited edition Land Rover Defender, with prices starting at £52,000, built to celebrate the addition of the Defender name to the Prindville line-up.

Based on the Defender 90 Hard Top, only 25 cars will be built at the Prindville centre near Silverstone.

The suspension, braking system, cooling, and engine is all modified by Lincolnshire-based Defender tuning company Alive Tuning, so power from the 2.4-litre TDi engine is up from 122 to 190 bhp and torque up to 460 Nm.

Despite the power, 0-60 mph takes 10 seconds, which isn’t amazing, but when you consider this is a Defender that looks the way it does it’s pretty impressive.

Fitted as standard, the car comes with a dual-range six speed gearbox, which can be upgraded to an automatic or tiptronic setup.

To set the Prindville Defender apart from standard cars, 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels are fitted as standard, with a high performance Prindville six-piston braking system.

On the inside, everything is covered in leather, including the Cobra sports seats; the one exception is the Alcantara steering wheel.

Each of the Defenders is fitted with a dashboard-mounted numbered aluminium plaque commemorating the series and denoting the car’s number.

And for those saying the leather can’t help it become more refined, hidden away from the driver is sound proofing, something the original car never had, so not only should it be comfortable but quiet too.

“The Limited Edition Land Rover Defender is a truly unique proposition,” said Alex Prindville, founder of the company.

“It offers a more refined, quiet, and comfortable environment comparable to that of high-end 4x4s. This is an uncompromised solution for either urban city driving or long-distance journeys.

“The significant interest which we have enjoyed to date will no doubt pave the way for further Land Rover or Range Rover customisations of a similar nature.”

Other features include a five-inch built-in LCD TV, wireless Internet, a DVD player, satellite navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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