Published on February 6th, 2014 | by Seán Ward

Magnus Walker – Urban Outlaw, A Documentary

The name Magnus Walker is synonymous with the world of Porsche restoration. While some companies like Gemballa and RUF modify modern Porsches almost beyond recognition, Walker takes old Porsches, pulls them apart, restores them, and then drives them as hard as he can, both on the road and the street.

Dreaming of Porsches living in the UK as a child, he moved to the US aged 19 in 1986, before buying his first Porsche six years later. Now, he’s personally owned more than 40.

This documentary, ‘Urban Outlaw – Rebel Porsche Customizer’, shows Walker at his shop, racing through the streets, and talking about his cars, the restoration process, and how he’s adding his own little design touches to every car he builds.

No, his shop doesn’t restore cars to the same fine detail as Singer, but that’s not such a bad thing.

Photo: Magnus Walker Facebook

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