2011 Gumpert Torante

The Gumpert Torante was launched at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show as a joint project between Gumpert and Touring Superleggera, an Italian design company.

The idea was that Gumpert, with its reputation for building extreme race cars for the road, would take care of all the mechanicals, whereas Touring would see to the body and interior design to create something altogether less offensive than the Gumpert.

The Torante, although only a concept, would be built featuring the same 4.2 litre twin turbocharged V8 engine as the Gumpert, to produce over 700 bhp and have a top speed over 230 mph, thanks to the reduced drag coefficient over the Gumpert, which is build more for down force than outright speed.

The chassis would be made from highly modified steel, but the body, like the Gumpert, would be carbon fibre.

The biggest difference between the Gumpert and Torante, other than the body, is the gearbox; the Torante has a six-speed semi-automatic transmission, unlike the Gumpert which had a six-speed sequential gearbox.

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