Koenigsegg History

Koenigsegg was founded by Christian von Koenigsegg, a young Swedish businessman, in 1994.

Christian has come up with a design himself, but in order to make it into a prototype he employed the skills of designer David Crafoord. He employed the skills of another designer, Jacob Låftman, for the design of the badge.

Koenigsegg’s first car was the CC8. Launched in 2002, it had a lightweight carbon fibre body, magnesium wheels and a 4.7 litre supercharged engine that produced 655 bhp and 750 Nm of torque. At the time of its launch, not only way it one of the most powerful cars ever built, but it was one of the fastest too, capable of 242 mph.

The CC8 was followed by the even faster CCX, CCR, CCXR, and finally the Trevita, although there were several special editions doted in between.

In 2010, Koenigsegg launched the Agera. This was another record breaker for the company, as it had 1,100 bhp and was capable of over 250 mph. Once again, the car that followed, the Agera R, was even more powerful and even faster, capable of 270 mph.

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