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Published on September 13th, 2011 | by Seán Ward


Mugen Power for Honda Civic Type R

The already fast Civic Type R has been given a thorough going over by Mugen in an attempt to make it just that little bit faster.

The Honda Civic Type R Mugen debuted in 2010 with a limited run of just 20 cars, but now Mugen has decided to make a few modifications, to create even more powerful Type Rs, named the Mugen 2.2s.

Thanks to an increase in engine capacity to 2.2 litres, power is up from 240 to 260 bhp, and torque up 30% to 240 Nm.

According to the tuning company, “the engine coupled to the host of motorsport-derived components created exclusively by Mugen – including sports suspension, uprated brakes and a stunning performance bodykit – the Mugen 2.2 represents the ultimate expression of the Honda Civic Type R philosophy.”

Mugen hasn’t finalised its planes; four of the original Mugens remain unsold, so these could be reworked and then sold. The other option is that customers are invited back to have their cars upgraded.


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