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Published on April 3rd, 2012 | by Seán Ward


Rotus Cars Closes Down

Rotus Cars closed down yesterday after it came into legal difficulties with Lotus Cars.

The website of Rotus Cars, set up on the 1st April as part of April Fools, was built not to insult Lotus, but merely as a joke to show, supposedly, what would happen if a Chinese company were to buy Lotus.

Roger, head of the team that came up with the idea, said in an email to newmotoring that “RotusCars got porite but strong regar message from Norfork… so the site was sadry crosed down.

“Arr emproyees have been rined up against a warr and shot to death. We actuarry rike originar Rotus and don’t want to upset them any more than we arready have, things got out of hand a rittre.”

Other projects are in the pipeline for Roger and his team, but they will probably not involve Lotus.

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